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By Lisa. Gornick

"Tinderbox is a brilliant gem of a novel: a page-turner that reminds us that, while we are never without the weight of our past, we also choose how we carry it. Lisa Gornick mines her characters' hidden histories and ignites our interest from page one. Absolutely riveting."

--Christina Baker Kline, No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train

When you invite a stranger into your home, you never know who's really coming in . . .Myra is a Manhattan psychotherapist. A quick study and an excellent judge of character, she thinks she knows what she's getting when she hires a nanny--it's her job, after all, to analyze people. Her phobia-addled son has just moved back in with his wife and child, and the new nanny, Eva, seems like a perfect addition: she cleans like a demon and irons like a dream, and she forms an immediate bond with Myra's grandson.
     But as Eva, a Peruvian immigrant, reveals more of herself, what seemed a felicitous arrangement turns ominous. She racks the household with screams from a night terror. She spits in her hands to ward off evil spirits. Then, one afternoon, she settles into Myra's patient chair and begins to expose the secrets of her past. Their relationship slowly and inexorably becomes too close, too dependent, and, ultimately, terrifyingly destructive. As events spiral out of Myra's control, she learns that even a family as close-knit as her own can have plenty to hide.
     In the rich tradition of Lionel Shriver, Jane Hamilton, and Anne Tyler, the psychoanalyst and novelist Lisa Gornick tells us a story about the tragedy of good intentions. Tinderbox spins a suspenseful mystery of hidden traumas. It's a searingly perceptive, deeply honest novel about families and secrets, and power, and love.




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Format: Book
Author: Gornick, Lisa.
Title: Tinderbox / Lisa Gornick.
Publisher Date: Sarah Crichton Books 2013.
Isbn: 9780374277864 0374277869
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Format: Book
Author: Gornick, Lisa.
Title: Tinderbox / Lisa Gornick.
Publisher, Date: Sarah Crichton Books 2013.
Other Author: Gornick, Lisa
ISBN: 9780374277864
ISBN: 0374277869
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