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World War I

A History
The First World War has shaped the history of the twentieth century. It was the first conflict in which airplanes, submarines, and tanks played a significant role, the first in which casualties on the battlefield outnumbered those from disease. It precipitated the collapse of the empires of Austria-Hungary and Turkey, and it promoted revolution in that of Russia. The USA's entry into the war and the part it played in the peace settlement signalled the arrival on the world stage of a new great power. The victors at Versailles took nationalism as one of their guiding principles; they also aimed at instituting their vision of liberalism and even democracy; the political consequences are still being played out.
In this extensively illustrated book, an international team of experts explores the war in all its different aspects. From its causes to its consequences, from the strategy of the politicians to the tactics of the generals, the course of the war is charted and its political and human consequences assessed. Chapters on economic mobilization, the impact on women, the role of propaganda, and the rise of socialism establish the wider social context of fighting which took place at sea and in the air and which ranged on land from the Flanders trenches to the Balkan mountains and the deserts of the Middle East.
The legacy of 'the war to end wars'--in poetry and prose, in collective memory and political culture--is with us still, eighty years after that first Armistice Day. This remarkable book helps us understand that legacy.

Format: Book
Title: World War I : a history / edited by Hew Strachan.
Publisher Date: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.
Subject: World War, 1914-1918
Isbn: 0198206143
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Format: Book
Title: World War I : a history / edited by Hew Strachan.
Publisher, Date: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.
Description: xii, 356 p., [16] p. of plates : ill. (some col.), maps ; 26 cm.
Subjects: World War, 1914-1918
Other Author: Strachan, Hew
Other Title: World War One
Other Title: World War 1
Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 319-336) and index.
Contents: The origins of the War / Samuel R. Williamson, jr. -- The strategy of the Central Powers, 1914-1917 / L.L. Farrar, jr. -- Manoeuvre warfare: the Eastern and Western fronts, 1914-1915 / D.E. Showalter -- The strategy of the Entente Powers, 1914-1917 / David French -- The Balkans, 1914-1918 / R.J. Crampton -- Turkey's War / Ulrich Trumpener -- The War in Africa / David Killingray -- The War at sea / Paul G. Halpern -- Economic warfare / B.J.C. McKercher -- Economic mobilization: money, munitions, and machines / Hew Strachan -- Women, war, and work / Gail Braybon -- The challenge to Liberalism: the politics of the home fronts / L.A. Turner -- Eastern front and Western front, 1916-1917 / Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson -- Mutinies and military morale / David Englander -- War aims and peace negotiations / David Stevenson -- Propaganda and the mobilization of consent / J.M. Winter -- Socialism, peace, and revolution, 1917-1918 / John Horne -- The entry of the USA into the War and its effects / David Trask -- The German victories, 1917-1918 / Holger H. Herwig -- The War in the air / John H. Morrow, jr. -- The allied victories, 1918 / Tim Travers -- The peace settlement / Zara Steiner -- Memory and the Great War / Modris Eksteins.
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ISBN: 0198206143
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