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Self improvement

Sylvie G. -
Welcome to my 2014 New Year’s resolution mantra! I have chosen this profound 3-step chant as a tool to use during moments of temptation, laziness, rationalization or more succinctly, lack of WILLPOWER. This is one sure thing I can predict will happen within the next 365 days! According to Dr. Kelly McGonigal... More 
Sarah G. -

Saying "I Love You"

At our recent author talk with Torrey Rush, the conversation veered to why family members struggle to verbalize... More 
Sarah G. -
Losing a parent is devastating, whether you are 7 years old or 70. When Richland County Councilman Torrey Rush lost his father in 1999, he tried to suppress his grief and emotions until he realized how that could affect his own children. His book, Tears of a Lonely Son: My Journey to Emotional Healing,... More 
Susan L. -

Do better, not more: My Personal Kanban

Most adults struggle at some point or another with keeping up in today's fast-paced world . I certainly do! Many of us suffer from work and information overload. We search for balance. In their... More 
April J. -

Learn How To Be Chic

Ever wondered what your inner French voice would say? Check out this amazing book, "Lessons from Madame Chic", by Jennifer L. Scott and you will know! The book goes over some very... More 
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