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Trey's Transition

Trey's Transition believes in the uniqueness, worth, dignity, and right to self-determination of every individual. The program will provide day care for young adults with disabilities. To strive to prepare, empower, and support young adults to participate as much as possible to their potential in their home, school and community. Most educational services for young teens and adults with disabilities end after their 18th or 21st birthday. Some young adults have the potential to attend post high school or vocational programs i.e. vocational rehabilitation, technical schools, or college. They need additional assistance and supervision to prepare them of post graduate studies. Many of them remain @ home or attend one of a handful of day programs in the community to meet their needs i.e. vocational rehabilitation, or other day treatment programs for adults. Young adults, including our son, Trey have been on waiting lists for up to 2 years or more to participate in day programs. He and others would like to continue the social, academic and vocational interaction with others in the community instead of getting "cabin fever " @ home. Trey's Transition service is available to any individual with a diagnosis and approved by the admissions committee between the ages of 18 and 40. About 13.3 million people, are spouses or adult children of disabled older people and have the potential responsibility for their care. Of these, about 85% are adult children SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES The program aims primarily at the development, enhancement and maintenance of skills which may further their ability to function. Trey's Transition is designed to create some of the same services they received in school or in the home. 1. Trey's Transition plans to provide a variety of programs designed to empower and to enhance the abilities of the disabled and those around them. Young adults that require supervision and individualized attention and skill development. 2. To promote peace of mind for parents to know their loved one will benefit from consistent supervision, and structured daily activities.

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