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Local History Digital Collections

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Walker Local and Family History Center

The Walker Local and Family History Center is located on the third level of the Richland Library’s Main Library. Anne, Debbie, Lauren and Margaret are available to guide your research during... More 
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SC NAACP 15,000 members strong - 1944

During the summer of 1944 the South Carolina chapter of the NAACP met to reelect state president James Hinton. The two day convention in Sumter focused on the equalization of Negro teacher... More 
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House genealogy

In 1920 an Aladdin mill opened in Wilmington, NC and Aladdin kit houses became a popular house construction alternative in early Columbia neighborhoods. If you own an Aladdin kit house search the... More 
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Skating on Fisher's Mill Pond - 1852

Although 19th century reporters did not know the term "polar vortex" they have written about some very cold Columbia weather. We found an early published account on Janury 26, 1852 in the ... More 
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Explore Richland County history online

There are several public domain books about Columbia and Richland County history that are available to view online. Most can be downloaded and read on a computer or reading device. We have put... More 
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Jefferson Square

Our posts in May have been dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Jefferson Hotel opening at 1801 Main Street. It seems fitting, on the last day of May, to come full circle and finish with the... More 
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Murder at the Jefferson Hotel

Generally a March visit to Columbia would be a spring time treat unless, of course, you are shot to death in the Jefferson Hotel cafeteria. Bell Captain John Bassard easily recalled March 8, 1940... More 
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Dunbar Funeral Home

The daily commute to work just got more interesting for folks traveling down Gervais Street. The beautiful Dunbar Funeral Home is being renovated by Historic Columbia Foundation and the USC... More 


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