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Leslie T. -

100+ Best Books for Toddlers: Part 3

To make the shared book experience pleasurable and familiar it is important to make the reading aloud experience part of his daily routine and to read developmentally appropriate books. The... More 
Jessica M. -

Dinosaurs: Part 1

Roar! Stomp! Chomp! Check out these books for any dinosaur fan! T. Rex and triceratops will keep you reading. The best news? You can check out 60 books with your... More 
Jessica M. -

Dinosaurs: Part 2

Here are some more books about dinosaurs who Smash! Crash! Clash!. These books will pique your reader’s interest in these extinct creatures! The best news? You can check... More 
Emily J. -


The best way to learn to count is from your favorite books. Enjoy this list of counting concept books.The best news? You can check out 60 books with your Richland Library card and when you've... More 
Emily J. -

Dyslexia and the Genius

Did you know that one of the greatest intellects in American History struggled with dyslexia? Albert Einstein who developed the general theory of relativity and won several awards for his... More 
Laura R. -

The Relatives Came: Books about Families

Enjoy some of these great family stories with your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, or Cousin! There is room for everyone at this family reunion of fun picture books. If you are looking... More 
Ashley W. -

Funny Books for Younger and Older Children

Everyone loves a good laugh! Cuddle up with your loved ones and share some smiles with these funny picture books and novels for children. More 
Sarah G. -

Five Good Lessons From Bad Examples

Whether painting on walls, terrorizing younger siblings, or refusing to wear proper footwear, the kids in these books are certainly misbehaving! What better way to discuss polite behavior with... More 
Sarah G. -

Moo, Quack, Oink: Celebrate Animal Noises with your Toddler!

"What does a cow say?" This question has been uttered by countless parents (and teachers) over the centuries. Identifying animals and the sounds they make is a form of labeling, allowing... More 
Sarah G. -

A Needle Pulling Thread - Sewing in Storybooks

As a children’s librarian with a passionate love of worn quilts, my grandmother’s Bernina, bright craft felt, jars of buttons, stacks of cotton fat quarters, and rows of colored threads, it’s... More 
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