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Sarah G. -

Addressing Youth Homelessness in Our Community

On March 23, 2014 Richland Library hosted its second forum about youth homelessness in our community -- particularly those who are on their own and not homeless within a family. We learned... More 
Sarah G. -
How is our community addressing the issue of youth homelessness? What can I do to help? Answer these questions and become part of the solution. Join us for a follow-up conversation to the forum Living on the Edge: Youth Homelessness in Columbia. On Sunday, November 17th Richland Library kicked off... More 
Heather M. -

Caring for Our Families: SNAP

The federal program, SNAP, has appeared in the news repeatedly over the last few months. For more information about this program and how it assists families in our community, I asked Carrie L... More 
Bland -

COLA Guide

What's COLA stand for? It's Community Opportunities for Living Abundantly. The COLA Guide was developed collaboratively by a team of researchers and graduate students from the University of... More 
Sarah G. -

Columbia's Reading Life

Here's your chance to recognize your favorite book or favorite author. Pat Conroy's love letter to good books, good writers, and the people who introduced him to both, My Reading Life... More 
Sarah G. -
Come join Turning Pages and community supporters to celebrate 45 years of literacy service to the Midlands! In 1968, community volunteers created the Greater Columbia Literacy Council to provide one-on-one literacy tutoring to those interested in improving their reading, writing, and numeracy skills. Since then,... More 
Sarah G. -

Help for Homeless Youth

Q: Where is the closest teen homeless shelter? A: Myrtle Beach Q: How many homeless youth attended Richland School District 1 last... More 
Sarah G. -
There's been a lot of recent attention on homelessness in Columbia, primarily focused on the visible adult homeless population, and concerns about the effects of homelessness on our downtown economy. But the heated debates, and the currently available community resources, haven't really addressed one huge part of the... More 
Sarah S. -
According to a recent report from the Violence Policy Center in Washington, D.C., South Carolina is the highest ranked state in the nation for men killing women. This frightening statistic comes just as we enter Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please join us on Sunday, October 6, at 3:00 pm, as we hear about... More 
Iris A. -
It's almost here! Tuesday is October 1 and your opportunity to see what choices are available on the Health Insurance Marketplace! There will be time to see options, compare prices, and make your decision. Don't wait too long-- once the enrollment periods over, it's truly over until next October! Delays in signing... More 


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