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Graphic Novels

ThomasM -

Superhero Showdown: Round One

On Monday, April 14, teens gathered for the Superhero Showdown, a debate-style program in which comic book characters from the DC and Marvel franchises are pitted against each other to determine... More 
Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: Manga, provides in-depth insight for over 55 of the most popular manga graphic novels, ranging from metaseries to stand-alone books. More 
This three-volume set contains 215 essays covering graphic novels and core comics series, focusing on the independents and underground genre, that form today's "canon" for academic coursework and library collections. More 
This one-volume reference contains over 65 essays covering themes and concepts of graphic novels, including genres, time periods, foreign language traditions, social relevance, and craftsmanship such as penciling and inking. More 
130 essays covering graphic novels and core comics series that form today's canon for academic coursework and library collections, with a focus on the hero/superhero genre. A "first" in the field, this brand new... More 
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Five Gourmet Graphic Novels

What does your food say about you? Do you make it a certain way, with certain people? Do you remember how your tastes changed over time? Have you ever wished you could prepare a savory dish or... More 
Erika -
Many of us grew up reading comic books and watching cartoons – and some of us never stopped! If you love comic books, manga, graphic novels, anime, cartoons, or any combination of these forms of artistic entertainment, come join us! There will be food, film, fun, and fascinating conversation! Who... More 
ThomasM -

2014 Top Ten Great Graphic Novels For Teens

The 2014 Great Graphic Novels For Teens list is complete after a weekend of debate and voting. Of 122 nominees, 78 made the cut, and a straw poll was taken to determine the Top 10. I was... More 
ThomasM -

An Introduction To Digital Comics

Digital comics popularity and sales have been steadily growing each year, with tablet devices offering several convenient options that take advantage of their high-definition screens. There is a... More 
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Last-Minute Graphic Novels For Kids

Is it December 20th already? Maybe you have some names to check off your gift list, or maybe you want to pick up something for your kids to read on a holiday trip. Either way, these... More 


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