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Chantal W. -
We are often asked about how to find the latest DVDs in Richland Library's collection. One way is to check the weekly content posted on our website that let customers know about the new DVD and Blu Ray arrivals that can include both the newest titles out and newer copies of older films and documentaries. The... More 
Cathy D. -

Volunteer Service Hour Opportunities for Students

Do you need a few hours of community service but can't make a long term volunteer commitment? Here is your chance to earn 1-2 hours of service while helping at the library! A special volunteer... More 
Ron S. -

Today in History with a Twist: November 1, 2013

More Taxes!       1765 - The British Parliament enacts the Stamp Act on the 13 colonies in order to help pay for British military operations in North America, primarily the Seven Years War... More 
Laura -

Richland Library Foundation Awards Ethel Bolden Minority Scholarship

The Richland Library Foundation is pleased to announce that Tamara King has been selected as the 2013 recipient of the Ethel Bolden Minority Scholarship during a presentation and ceremony on... More 
ThomasM -

Banned (Comic) Books Week

Richland Library aims for greatness, and as Jo Goodwin said, “A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.” The big idea is not to shock and desensitize the public,... More 
Laura V. -

Celebrate Banned Books Week

It's that time of year again! The American Library Association's official "Banned Books Week" in... More 
Kelly C. -

All eBooks Are Not Available to Libraries

Did you know that, as a consumer, you can purchase eBooks that libraries cannot? Several of the biggest publishing houses do not sell to libraries at all, or sell on a very limited basis. So when... More 
Rebecca T. -

How To Raise A Reader

Richland Library is dedicated to helping you raise a reader. Reading should happen every day and all through the day. These early literacy tips will help you incorporate reading into your family's... More 
Margaret D. -

The Evolution of Richland Library

Our library had modest beginnings. “Lend-a-Hand” was the first name for the Richland Library, which, in 1896, was located in City Hall and run by a single librarian, Martha Cramer... More 


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