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Fuente Académica™ is a collection of scholarly journals from Latin America, Portugal and Spain. It is an indispensable tool of exceptional scope designed to make academic research readily accessible in PDF... More 
What did people eat, wear, or use? What did they hope for, invent, and sing? These are the kinds of questions students of history always ask, and it is precisely what is missing in many available reference resources. A landmark... More 
CultureGrams provides quick cultural and statistical snapshots of the over 200 countries recognized by the United Nations. Compare countries, states or provinces using a list of statistical elements and create data tables... More 
Including the Fifties, Sixties and Eighties in America, Salem History examines the iconic personalities and moments of these decades with over 300 photographs of each decade's people and events, as well as numerous graphs,... More 
A large searchable database which provides information on such topics as history, biography, literature, music, pop culture, folklore, business, slavery, civil rights, politics, and religion. The African American Experience... More 
For 6th grade students through adults: Powerful resource for retrieving, comparing and customizing data on the world’s nations. An interactive site. World Data Analyst allows for finding and comparing data on the world's... More 
Good for student research in grades 6-12 and college. Search or browse for articles on topics in world history from antiquity to the twenty-first century. With extensive coverage of 20th century history around the world, the ... More 
La edición digital es una reproducción EXACTA de la edición impresa con todos los beneficios de interactividad que aporta la navegación electrónica. La revista Hola le ofrece cada semana a sus... More 
The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores domestic and international issues, business, finance, current affairs, science,... More 
Sherry W. -

Picture Books about the African American Experience

Share the rich culture and heritage of African Americans with your children. From history to everyday, the picture books listed below are some of the best books that will bring the black... More 


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