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Now get your legal research done at the library without having to consult a dozen different notebooks and supplements. All of the legal content that is on the shelves can be found online in WestlawNext Patron Access, an interface... More 
Gale LegalForms provides convenient, authoritative means for understanding common legal procedures through access to “attorney forms”. Our officially-approved, professionally-written documents are actually used... More 
Use this database to find articles in all major law reviews, law journals, specialty law and bar association journals and legal newspapers. Included are articles on Federal and State Cases, Laws and Regulations, Legal Practice, and... More 
The online resource that addresses complex HR issues with practical answer-oriented information. The Human Resources Library provides everything you need to comply with federal and state laws and changing HR practices, covering... More 
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Are you in need of information regarding Family Law? According to, Family Law encompasses marriage, adoption, divorce, and custody. Laws on these topics vary from state to state. Do you know the South Carolina Laws regarding marriage, divorce and separation? Are you aware of the child custody and visitation... More 
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Family Law

Divorce was not legal in South Carolina until 1949-1950. That's right, there was no legal means of divorce until that time. Things have evolved and changed quite a bit since that time however.... More 
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WestlawNext Now Available

WestlawNext, a comprehensive database of legal resources, is now available for use by Richland Library cardholders. Use WestlawNext to search federal and state case law (all fifty states), court... More 
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Diversion Programs: Justice Does Not Always Mean Jail

Diversion programs have been developed with the primary goal of redirecting people with mental health and substance abuse problems from the formal criminal justice process and instead using... More 
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Consumer Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that allows an individual who is unable to pay his bills to get a fresh financial start. The codes seek to balance the rights of the creditor to get paid and... More 
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Join Kathleen D. Cauthen, Esq. of the Coastal Family Justice L.L.C. for advice on Family Law. Topics will include Divorce, Custody, Visitation and Support. 6:30 – 8:00 pm, Thursday, December 5 Richland Library Northeast Sponsored by the South Carolina Bar More 


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