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With the 3M Cloud Library, library customers may access e-books for their devices. Simply browse, select and check out books to sync them on your computer and mobile devices simultaneously. More 
Your library has more than 10,000 eBook titles, including fiction and nonfiction for adults, teens and children. Audiobooks, music and videos are also available to download any time. Books may be read using a... More 
Bland -

American Primitive Guitar

The new documentary In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey is an impressionistic account of the life and music of the enigmatic guitarist who coined the expression “American... More 
Kelly C. -

Free Downloads For Everyone (Even You!)

Richland Library offers a stellar collection of downloadable titles, information, and materials to our cardholders. But, did you know there is a lot of downloadable material available on the... More 
Neil D. -
Richland Library customers enjoy free access to our downloadable music service, Freegal Music. Freegal offers more than 3 million songs and videos from over 10,000 labels of which customers may download legally and DRM free five (5) songs per week. Video files are also free but require two of the allotted five weekly... More 
Lisa -

Richland Library Upgrades Its Digital Music Offerings

Richland Library will soon launch the 4.0 update to its highly-successful Freegal Music Service. With Freegal 4.0 you get: access to over 5 million new songs from 12,000... More 
Susan L. -
Go to Freegal: ... More 


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