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SC Hacked

Bland -

SC Security Breach: The Updates

On Wednesday 14 November, Governor Haley ordered enhanced security measures for the sixteen state agencies (including the Dept. of Revenue) that form her Cabinet. Their computer networks will be... More 
Lori C. -

SC Day of Civic Hacking: Hot Jobs in IT!

One of the fastest growing career fields is IT... Information Technology! Almost every industry and company is effected daily by technology. You can't get around it! And, why would you want... More 
Sarah S. -

Free Credit Protection Ends March 31

Remember SC Hacked? Over four million South Carolina businesses and individuals' financial information stolen by hackers armed with dastardly intentions and brilliant computer skills. ... More 
Jennifer -

SC Department of Revenue Breach – Important Information for Teens

On October 26, 2012, the South Carolina Department of Revenue announced that millions of social security numbers and thousands of credit and debit card numbers had been exposed as the result of a... More 
Bland -

The Big Hack: South Carolina's Security Breach

On Friday 26 October the news broke that the South Carolina Department of Revenue's tax records dating back to 1998 had been hacked by overseas cybercriminals, giving them access to some 3.8... More 
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