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Carol S. -

E-advice for your e-reader

Yes, we have print how-to’s on using your Kindle or Nook including electronic contacts for the authors. Corey Sandler has written 200 books on computer technology, history, sports, business and... More 
Alexis -

Getting Cozy with the Kindle Paperwhite

Full disclosure: I consider myself a bit of Luddite. Although I am quick to acquire skills necessary to use new technology, I tend to wait until several generations of a device have been released... More 
Susan L. -

3M Cloud Library not available for Kindle?

I love downloading 3M Cloud Library ebooks. It is so easy! However, I am frustrated that I cannot get them on my Kindle! I read a tiny bit here and there on my iPhone, lots of... More 
Susan L. -
Getting started with Amazon® Kindle Using Kindle to read books from Richland Library is easy. All you have to do is check out an eBook and deliver it to the Kindle device or Kindle reading app of your choice. Note: Some Kindles may require you to manually transfer the title to... More 
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