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Patti S. -

Social Media and Grandparents.....

So I am a first time grandmother and enthralled with my granddaughter. Therefore every chance I get I am taking and sending photos of her! Thanks goodness for Facebook and cell phones with... More 
Kelsey T. -

Managing Your Online Privacy

Have you ever wondered what happens to your personal information when you enter it online? Many websites require users to sign up for an account by entering identification material such as a name... More 
ThomasM -

Giving Ourselves Away: Internet Privacy & You

Facebook recently changed privacy settings for teenagers so that they may change their settings to share their posts to the public. Teenagers' Facebook accounts will share only within their... More 
Krista A. -
Join us this Wednesday for The Ins and Outs of LinkedIn: Tips and Tricks for Job Seekers. We'll be discussing how to make the best use of LinkedIn's networking possibilities and job hunting resources. Wednesday, September 18th 11:00 - 12:30 Richland Library Northeast ... More 
This series centers on the specific projects, tasks, and activities in which businesspeople currently engage. This volume focuses on the social aspects of internet marketing. More 
LinkedIn logo
Krista A. -
LinkedIn is a powerful online networking tool that offers job seekers an entirely different way to find a new job. It gives users a virtual introduction to people in companies or industries they are interested in, as well as hosting thousands of forums that cover all aspects of finding a job - resumes to interviews,... More 
Lori C. -

Social Media Explained with Donuts

When I first heard about donuts being used to explain social media, I decided much research needed to be done on the subject, especially when the "Hot Donuts Now" sign was beaming its sweet, sweet... More 
Lori C. -
Someone once shared a great explanation of marketing and branding: At school, a boy approached a very pretty girl and said, “I’m a great catch.” …that’s Direct Marketing At a football game with friends, a buddy approached a very pretty girl and said, “He’s a great catch” …that’s... More 


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