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YA Books to Movies

Brittany C. -
Are you Abnegation? Dauntless? Or are you Divergent? Find your faction and meet other initiates at our Teen to Screen: Divergent book group meeting. We'll take a sneek-peak at the new movie and the real world versions of Tris, Four, and other characters. Join us and see how one choice can... More 
Brittany C. -

If You Liked Divergent...

If you are like most readers in the teen fiction fanbase, you have recently been sucked in by Veronica Roth's Divergent. Suddenly, without realizing the consequences, you have developed... More 
Chantal W. -

12 Books to Read Before They Hit the Theaters

There are several books being adapted to film in 2014 and you may want to read the books (if you haven't already) before they hit the theater. I still need to make time to see The Monuments... More 
Sarah S. -

Books Before Movies

Have you seen those posts on Facebook? "14 Books to Read Before You See the Movie?" Well, here... More 
Christina -
The countdown has begun and we're less than a month away from the release of the highly anticipated second movie from the Hunger Game Trilogy - Catching Fire. The Richland Library Teen Center couldn't be more excited about this movie release and to celebrate we are hosting a Catching Fire: The Quarter Quell... More 
Christy S. -

5 Books to Watch

I HATE to see the movie before I’ve read the book. I want to get the story straight from the author, before the film industry commandeers my imagination. After I’ve read the book though, I’m happy... More 
Christina -

Beautiful Creatures- YA Books to Movies

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the paranormal romance Beautiful Creatures is set to hit the big screen! The movie, based on the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia and... More 
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