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Prehistoric World

Examines fossil and geologic evidence from this time that reveals a dynamic planet, where new species of plants and animals were constantly emerging and continents were breaking apart and reforming. More 
Examines the era long before humans, where dinosaurs were once masters of land, sky, and sea. More 
Examines our most immediate ancestors and the geologic, geographic, and environmental factors that helped make their primacy inevitable. More 
Examines the prehistoric organisms, from bacteria to dinosaurs, that populated the planet long before humans arrived. More 
This book helps unlock the mysteries of prehistory by considering available geologic evidence while providing a deep dive into the finesses of geochronology. More 
The ancient civilizations of Iraq, Egypt, India, China, Central America and other regions are the focus of this remarkable contribution to student reference. More 
Examines the diverse peoples of early European civilization through a series of 212 essays, presented in chronological order. Coverage includes prehistoric origins through the early Middle Ages (8000 B.C. to A.D. 1000). Includes... More 
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