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New Arrivals for Teens | April 29, 2014

Check out these (and more) new arrivals at Richland Library by visiting us online or dropping by any library location.

Superhero Showdown: Round Two

The superpowered showdown between DC and Marvel’s finest continues where it left off, with the winners of the first round now facing each other. There is a link to the first round of Superhero Showdown under "I Recommend" in case you need a refresher on the rules and progress of the brackets.

New Arrivals for Teens | April 22, 2014

Check out these new arrivals (and more) at Richland Library.

New Arrivals for Teens | April 15, 2014

Check out some of these new arrivals for teens, or drop by any Richland Library location for more options!

If You Like John Green..

It happens every week in the Teen Center... readers come looking for more witty dialogue and quirky characters created by teen fiction author, John Green. With titles such as The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns making their way to the big screen, Green's fanbase has continued to grow with readers eagerly absorbing the heartfelt stories told in his signature writing style. If you are new to Green's titles or a long standing Nerdfighter, you may have already flown through all of his books leaving yourself with empty hands and a yearning for more.