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Art Tuesday: Fun for the Young

No matter your age, we believe that all artists have something to say. Take a look at this creative piece created by Ayeola S. Murray called "Fun Fingerprint." Is this art inspired by Ed Emberly's wonderful Fingerprint/Thumbprint Art books? Is that charming mouse in the foreground a nod to the story, The Lion and the Mouse? Whatever the case, it took creativity to decide that a lion would look noble with a fingerprint mane and that creativity happens at all ages.

New Arrivals for Teens | September 9, 2014

Check out these new arrivals for teens, or drop by any Richland Library location for more great options!

Art Tuesday: Amazing Portraits

Happy Art Tuesday! Check out this amazing portrait, "Snow Time," by Rashmili Vemula. Looking from edition to edition, portraits run the spectrum in Kids in Print--serious, silly, mysterious and defiant. These portraits tell us something about how you see the world.

What are you waiting for? Take a photo, create a collage or start sketching. It might be your portrait staring out from the pages of Kids in Print 2015.

New Arrivals for Teens | September 2, 2014

Check out our new arrivals for teens! Drop by any Richland Library location for more great options.

Poetry Friday: The Future

Happy Poetry Friday! (It's a flashback Friday as well.)

Today, I am sharing a clever photo and a hopeful poem from Kids in Print 2009 for your Labor Day Weekend.

Take a long look. Get inspired. We want to see what you see. We want to hear your story.

The deadline for Kids in Print 2015 is only 2 months away...Go for it!

The Future

Promise is golden

Hope is divine

Love is magic

Happiness is bright

Knowing that there’s more