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Supervillain Showdown: Round Two

All of the winners of last round’s matchups (linked below) are back for more as the Supervillain Showdown continues. For anyone cheering (booing?) a specific villain, the suspense is nearly over, as the next blog post will cover Round Three as well as the finale. For now, here are the midway results:

Joker vs Clayface

Supervillain Showdown: Round One

Following in the virtuous footsteps of last Spring’s Superhero Showdown come the results of this Summer’s Supervillain Showdown. Teens gathered at the Teen Center Wednesday, July 23 (Batman's 75th anniversary) to argue out a series of "Who Would Win?" scenarios. The worst of DC and Marvel’s rogues galleries were assembled in a tournament bracket, with rules tweaked to favor the wicked. Each fight:

· takes place on an abandoned street in New York City

· will be decided by death or knockout

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