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St Andrews Chess Club

In late 2011, Richland Library St. Andrews and the Columbia Chess Club formed an alliance and started the St. Andrews Chess Club. It has been one of the most successful and well attended recurring programs we have had at our location. It is always suprising how many people are enthusiasts for the game. One of the best things about it is that it attracts people of all ages and skill levels and suprisingly some of the young players are every bit as good as the older ones.

New Arrivals for Teens | April 29, 2014

Check out these (and more) new arrivals at Richland Library by visiting us online or dropping by any library location.

Superhero Showdown: Round Two

The superpowered showdown between DC and Marvel’s finest continues where it left off, with the winners of the first round now facing each other. There is a link to the first round of Superhero Showdown under "I Recommend" in case you need a refresher on the rules and progress of the brackets.

New Arrivals for Teens | April 22, 2014

Check out these new arrivals (and more) at Richland Library.

New Arrivals for Teens | April 15, 2014

Check out some of these new arrivals for teens, or drop by any Richland Library location for more options!