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News from the Nurse: A is for Abstain from Alcohol

Every day many of us consume foods and drugs without thinking about them. For instance, how many cups of coffee have you had today? What about that baby aspirin that you’ve decided to prescribe yourself thinking – possibly erroneously – that it will be cardio-protective? Or maybe Tylenol or Motrin are regular fare? Sugar much?

Let’s face it: The American diet is chock full of danger zones and many of us are truly hanging over the edge. April is “Alcohol Awareness Month.” Let’s wrap up the month abstaining – just for the last 3 days. Why? Why not!

Chapter One Teen Review: Eden West

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Five Great Questions For An Afternoon With Noelle Stevenson

Noelle, famous for her cartoon and comics writing and illustration, is coming to Richland Library Main on Sunday, May 3 at 3:00. See what she's all about!

New Arrivals for Teens | April 21, 2015

Check out what's new for teens at Richland Library! Drop by any library location for more great options.

Summer Learning Track: Cut, Shape, and Sew

Walking into my favorite clothing store is becoming hazardous to my bank account these days. Floral prints, polka-dot scarves, and colorful skirts demand to be a part of my closet even when I know I don't need them. Those high waisted pants and that beautiful lace top really could change my life. Oh! And what about that cardigan? I need that...right? As trivial as it may seem to some, creating an outfit is an integral part of my morning routine. A beautiful outfit can boost confidence and spark just the right attitude.