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New Arrivals for Teens | December 3, 2013

Check out these new arrivals for teens, or drop by your favorite Richland Library location for more great books!

Tis' The Season for Teen Trilogies!

It's that time of year; you're either furiously thinking of the right gift to give, or desperately hoping that someone gives you the right gift. I call it the holiday how-to's. You think you know what someone wants, but you don't know 'how-to' find it. Never fear, if the person you're shopping for just happens to be a teen (who enjoys reading) then we can help.

Help for Homeless Youth

Q: Where is the closest teen homeless shelter? A: Myrtle Beach

Q: How many homeless youth attended Richland School District 1 last year? A: 1,220

Q: What is the high school graduation rate for homeless children in South Carolina? A: 25%

Parents - Help Your Teens Find Their College Fit

Your teen is now in high school; no matter their grade level, they should start deciding on their post-secondary education options. There are various avenues to consider: the path leading to Technical Colleges or the road to Colleges and Universities. Today, let's will focus on the college route.

When planning for college, it is imperative that your teen start researching their options as soon as possible. Why? Because there are merit scholarships available to students who are proactive and strategic in making sure they obtain qualifying academic scores.

New Arrivals for Teens | November 19, 2013

Check out the new arrivals for teens, below. Stop by any Richland Library location for more choices.