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Art Tuesday: Amazing Portraits

Happy Art Tuesday! Check out this amazing portrait, "Snow Time," by Rashmili Vemula. Looking from edition to edition, portraits run the spectrum in Kids in Print--serious, silly, mysterious and defiant. These portraits tell us something about how you see the world.

What are you waiting for? Take a photo, create a collage or start sketching. It might be your portrait staring out from the pages of Kids in Print 2015.

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Poetry Friday: The Future

Happy Poetry Friday! (It's a flashback Friday as well.)

Today, I am sharing a clever photo and a hopeful poem from Kids in Print 2009 for your Labor Day Weekend.

Take a long look. Get inspired. We want to see what you see. We want to hear your story.

The deadline for Kids in Print 2015 is only 2 months away...Go for it!

The Future

Promise is golden

Hope is divine

Love is magic

Happiness is bright

Knowing that there’s more

Art Tuesday: Focus on Photography

It's our first official Art Tuesday. Today, I looked back in our Kids in Print archives to find this wonderful photo, "A River View" by Luke Porter. From garden spiders to giraffes, the photography in our literary magazine runs the spectrum. I have seen the mundane (a drinking fountain spout) transformed into the mysterious, a sunflower share a surprise and the wonder of trees revealed.

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