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Superheroes & Supervillains Final Showdown: Round One

First, the library hosted a Superhero Showdown, debating what would happen if many of the world’s finest from DC and Marvel comics went toe to toe with fairly even odds between them. Then there was the Supervillain Showdown, substituting the finest with the vilest. At both events, different teens showed up prepared to defend their favorite characters and back up their assertions with story details, trivia from the DC and Marvel Encyclopedias, or some good old-fashioned storytelling.

Caring for Our Community: The Comet Half-Pass Program


Do you qualify for the Half-Pass Program?

The Comet just started their new Half-Pass Program to better serve specific groups in our community.

What is the Half-Pass Program?

  • The Half-Pass Program has been implemented by the Comet to assist Veterans, Seniors, Youth ages 16 and 17, People with disabilities, and Medicaid recipients by only paying half for bus fare.

What documentation is needed?

New Arrivals for Teens | November 11, 2014

Check out what's new for teens at Richland Library!

Parent & Teen Cafe: Graphic Novels 101

“Educationally speaking, graphic novels give the brain more of a workout per sentence than any other type of media, including conventional books.” – Allyson A.W. Lyga, author and school librarian

Congratulations Teen Talent Show Contestants!

Last Thursday, October 27, 15 amazing acts (pictured) took the stage in a packed Bostick Auditorium for the Teen Talent Show. Their talent in the spotlight was matched only by their conduct from the sidelines, as they cheered and clapped for each other in a warm display of showmanship.

The winners, as determined by a panel of judges, were as follows:

1st place - Ireland Kost

2nd place - Cameron Wesley

3rd place - Ty Blyther