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Teen Talent Show 2014

Are you a great singer? Awesome dancer? Do you rock an instrument? Show off your skills! Compete for prizes and the chance to shine on stage.

Teens age 12-18 are encouraged to try out. All solo performance talents are welcome.

To try out for the Teen Talent Show, bring a completed application to one of the three auditions:

The Teen Talent Show application is available below and at every Richland Library location.

Supervillain Showdown: Round Three & Finale

There are only three matchups left from the Supervillain Showdown, two semifinals and the grand finale. The final four combatants represent a wide swath of abilities: Joker’s insanity, Sabertooth’s regeneration, Brainiac’s artificial intelligence, and Magneto’s powers of magnetism. We’ve already seen in previous rounds that the teens can be swayed by a particular argument, and no character can be taken for granted. Want to see who wins? Let’s go!

Joker vs Sabertooth

New Arrivals for Teens | August 5, 2014

Come see what's new for teens at Richland Library!

New Arrivals for Teens | July 29, 2014

Check out these new arrivals, or drop by any Richland Library location for more great options!

Supervillain Showdown: Round Two

All of the winners of last round’s matchups (linked below) are back for more as the Supervillain Showdown continues. For anyone cheering (booing?) a specific villain, the suspense is nearly over, as the next blog post will cover Round Three as well as the finale. For now, here are the midway results:

Joker vs Clayface