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Life Sucks

Life sucks for Dave Marshall. He hates his job working the night shift at a crappy 24-hour convenience store, he's been crushing on a gorgeous girl who does not even know he exists and he is constantly taking crap from rich, surfer-dude, Wes.  

Oh and by the way, he's a vampire.

Not your typical vampire, Dave refuses to kill people. So not only is he living off of stale blood from the blood bank but he doesn't have the traditional vampire powers. No traveling on mist for our Dave, nope he's stuck riding his bike. 

And now Wes -- who is also a vampire, but a much more powerful one, as he has no problem in drinking "fresh" blood -- has taken an interest in the girl of Dave's dreams. So yeah, for Dave Marshall, Life Sucks.

This lighthearted drama is told with lots of humor and colorful artwork. The interaction between Dave and his friends is laugh-out-loud fun.