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SC Department of Revenue Breach – Important Information for Teens

On October 26, 2012, the South Carolina Department of Revenue announced that millions of social security numbers and thousands of credit and debit card numbers had been exposed as the result of a cyber-attack. Anyone who filed a tax return in SC since 1998 may be at risk. While most teens have not filed tax returns, they may have been listed as dependents on their parent or guardian’s filings and their personal information may have been compromised.

How can teens protect themselves in the wake of this security breach?

First, find out if your parent or guardian claimed you as a dependent on any tax filings in SC since 1998. If they have, encourage them to opt-in to the FREE credit monitoring offered by the state of South Carolina. Simply ask them to follow these steps:


Enter ‘SCDOR123’ as the access code

Fill in the requested information


Call 1-866-578-5422 to begin the process

Remember that this service is being offered FREE OF CHARGE to eligible South Carolina residents- at no point should you be asked to pay for this service or provide payment information.

This service will monitor your parent or guardian’s credit files with all three credit bureaus for one year and access to ExtendCARE’s fraud resolution agents and services after the initial year. After enrolling, parents and guardians will be notified (by email for those who sign up online and by US mail for those who enroll over the phone) of how to enroll dependents in the Family Protect Plan. Under this plan, one parent or guardian may enroll any number of dependents for credit protection. This service will monitor YOUR social security number with the credit bureaus and report any activity or lines of credit opened.

Find more details on the security breach, enrolling in credit monitoring, and other steps you can take to protect your identity here at the library or at any of the resources below.