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Tunnelvision by Blue Sky


At sunset on October 26, 1975, Blue Sky's mural Tunnelvision was revealed before "several thousand awed spectators," according to an article from The Gamecock in our local history collection. The article describes a dramatic scene...the black canvas covering that "shrouded" the mural, "tumbled to the ground in a wake of a succession of explosive blasts that ripped it from the rooftop." Next, classical music accompanied a light show illuminating the sun and Venus within the tunnel as the onlookers gasped. Blue Sky was aided with a grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission and cooperation from the Farm Credit Banks Building authorities to paint what he said he could feel "was already there somewhere beneath those bricks."

The photograph of the mural was taken in August, 1976 by Russell Maxey, and is part of our Local History photograph collection.


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