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Vegetable gardens

Elizabeth H. -

Help for the First-Time Gardener

I recently moved into a new house, and for the first time in my life, I have a yard to take care of. While the prospect of a beautiful outdoor space bursting with flowers and greenery seems... More 
Packed with the best gardening techniques, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Food and Garden Series covers growing, harvesting, preserving and everything in between, and can help you save money and improve your health. Available issues:... More 
Melissa T. -

How does our garden grow?

With peppers, basil and marigolds. And squash, squash and squash. Update: June 27, 2013. The squash plants are really taking off. They obviously love the sun and heat of an SC summer. The... More 
Jane L. -

Grow What You Eat! Vegetable Gardening

Years ago, when home vegetable gardens were more the rule than the exception, home yards were not always the focal point of the home. In other words, yards were yards—usually expansive and not... More 
Jane L. -

Planting Peas

Planting sugar peas shouldn't be such a dilemma. I’ve been instructed for years by the Lexington Master Gardeners to plant this vegetable over the Thanksgiving weekend in November. Quite honestly... More 
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