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World Wide Web

Safari Tech Books Online is set of online access books (over 9,000 titles) available to Richland Library card holders free of charge. Access the full versions of the Safari Tech Books series using your browser and your library card... More 
Kelsey T. -

Managing Your Online Privacy

Have you ever wondered what happens to your personal information when you enter it online? Many websites require users to sign up for an account by entering identification material such as a name... More 
Kelly C. -

Your Customized Homepage at

Have you noticed that the homepage changes almost every time you visit? You may have. But have you noticed that the homepage gives you different links, pictures, and information than it gives... More 
Kelly C. -

What Do You Know About

The website team at is constantly working to ensure your online service from the Library is the best it can be. A website is a living, breathing entity. It grows and changes... More 
Examines the evolution of how we interact with the internet since its inception and how this has brought both good and bad - including cybercrime, piracy, and malware. More 
Laura V. -

Want to Write a Novel? Camp NaNoWriMo is this July

"I want to write a novel someday.” Does this sound like you? Ready to turn that someday into today? Well, here is your chance! Camp NaNoWriMo is a 31... More 
ThomasM -

Tame The Web

How does the Internet work? It is designed to work for you, but the instructions can get complex. There are many tools to help you learn, though. A crash course in the basics of HTML (Hyper... More 
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