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A Native American girl stands in a field of grass
Still from "Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City" (Image courtesy Fourth Wall Films)

Arkhaios Film Festival Comes to Richland Library

For anyone who dreamed of being the next Indiana Jones, this festival is for you. Get a taste of what archaeological explorers are doing around the globe at the 6th Annual Arkhaios Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Film Festival.

Featuring 22 award-winning films, the film festival showcases recent work in archaeology, anthropology, and cultural history. From 5-minute shorts to feature-length dramatizations, the films in this year's lineup come from 12 countries and highlight 20 different cultures. Click here to get a sneek peek at the films.

The Arkhaios Film Festival takes place at Richland Library Main on October 12-14, 2018, in the 2nd floor Theater. Please call 803-231-6348 with any questions. 

Start Time Friday, October 12
9:30 am Festival Opening
9:40 am The Lost City of Cecil B. DeMille (USA), directed by Peter Brosnan
11:20 am Black Brazil (France), directed by Angèle Berland
12:20 pm Nothing About Moccasins (Canada), directed by Eden Malina Awashish
12:25 pm Teotihuacan, The Birth of a Metropolis (France), directed by Agnès Molia & Nathalie Laville
1:00 pm Secrets of the Nolichucky River (USA), directed by Buck Kahler
2:20 pm New Monuments Men (France), directed by Jean Luc Raynaud
3:20 pm Crete, the Myth of the Labyrinth (France), directed by Agnès Molia & Mikaël Lefrançois
4:05 pm Mont Saint-Michel: Scanning the Wonder (France), directed by Marc Jampolsky
5:05 pm Fort Fremont: The Last Basion in the Defense of Port Royal Sound 1898-1912 (USA), directed by Ryan Heathcock


Start Time Saturday, October 13
9:30 am Festival Opening
9:35 am The Tempest Stela, Revisiting the Roots of the Exodus (Belgium), director Olivier Vandersleyen
10:55 am Just Like Us (Netherlands), directed by Hans Dirven & Merel ten Elzen
11:40 am Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City (USA), directed by Kelly Rundle
12:05 pm On the Rocks: Art in the Age of the Dinosaurs (France), directed by Jean-Luc Bouvret & François-Xavier Vives
1:00 pm On the Banks of the Tigris: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music (Australia), directed by Marsha Emerman
2:40 pm Escape to the Great Dismal Swamp (Germany), directed by Andreas Gutzeit
3:35 pm Ercole Contu and the Discovery of the Tomb of the Tetrapod Vases (Italy), directed by Andrea Fenu
4:10 pm The Discovery of the Temple of Amenhotep III (France), directed by Antoine Chéné
5:05 pm

Mart to Art: A Repurposed Life (USA), directed by George Wingard



Time Sunday, October 14
2:15 pm Festival Opening
2:20 pm From Ironclad to Artifact: The Journey of the CSS Georgia (USA), directed by Michael L. Jordan
3:35 pm Harem of the Sun King (UK), directed by Richard Reisz
5:15 pm Award Ceremony