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Walking on the South Carolina Shore | Ava Singleton, age 12

Kids in Print 2016

On May 7th, Richland Library will unveil the twenty-first edition of its literary magazine, Kids in Print. Out of the hundreds of submissions received, 68 contributors were selected to have their work published.

These talented artists and authors will be celebrated at the Kids in Print 2016 Launch Party on Saturday, May 7th, at 3:30 pm at Richland Library Main. Vicky Saye Henderson and Darion McCloud will perform an original reader's theatre script based on the work from this year's magazine. Artwork from the magazine will also be featured in The Gallery at Richland Library Main. Contributors will receive their free copy of Kids in Print 2016 and an autograph session will follow.

Authors and artists featured in this year’s edition include:

Caroline Allen--Hand Middle School

Adam Arnold--Cutler Jewish Day School

Wafiya Ashroff--E.L. Wright Middle School

Sierra Batson--Homeschool

Olivia Bokesch--Cutler Jewish Day School

Jada Broome--Blythewood Middle School

Sadee Broughton--Brockman Elementary School

Sarah Brown--Brockman Elementary School

Isis Bryan--Center for Inquiry

Kaylee Chen--Harbison Elementary School

Lauren Chen--Dutch Fork Middle School

Carolyn Coffey--Rosewood Elementary School

Addison David--Round Top Elementary School

Daniel Davidson--Homeschool

Mary Kathryn Davidson--Homeschool

Alia Kemp Davis--E. L. Wright Middle School

Maya Davis--Cutler Jewish Day School

Ana Ducra--Homeschool

Mikayla Eady--Hand Middle School

Susan Faith Ellington--Homeschool

Vance Griswold--Forest Lake Elementary School

Blythe Harris--Center for Inquiry

Victoria Jackman--Spring Valley High School

Aiden Jackson--Eastpoint Academy

Alex Jackson--Eastpoint Academy

Ava Jackson--Cutler Jewish Day School

Sara Jacobs--Cutler Jewish Day School

Mika’el Jeffcoat--Cutler Jewish Day School

Ishita Kapoor--Spring Valley High School

Mya Kowalke--Homeschool

Amelia Lacy--Cutler Jewish Day School

Jubilee McBrayer-Donath--Harmony School

Edyn McCollum--Rice Creek Elementary School

Sadie Medlock--Cutler Jewish Day School

Brant Miller--Homeschool

Lillian Mirosavich--Center for Knowledge North

Zachary Nation-Miller--Homeschool

Aza Nyberg--Cutler Jewish Day School

Michael Papaletsos--Cutler Jewish Day School

Sutton Peck--Blythewood Middle School

Jacob Peterson-Griffin--Pleasant Hill Elementary School

Kerry Reddy--Cutler Jewish Day School

Bekah Reinhard--Homeschool

Andrea Robichaud--Cardinal Newman High School

Clover Robichaud--Columbia College

Daniel Robles--Homeschool

Whitman Rogers--Homeschool

Logan Rollins--Leaphart Elementary School

Elliot Scher--Cutler Jewish Day School

Camryn Shadd--Lake Carolina Elementary School

Morgan Shadd--E. L. Wright Middle School

Hannah Shaffer--Cutler Jewish Day School

Anna Shull--Center for Inquiry

Ava Singleton--Homeschool

Calvin Stevick-Brown--Cutler Jewish Day School

Lucia Stevick-Brown--Dent Middle School

Da’Shawn Thomas--Hand Middle School

Emerson VanDenBerg--Cutler Jewish Day School

Eliana Verwers--Homeschool

Eleanor Wachtel--Hand Middle School

Amelia Waters--Homeschool

Naja Weinkle--Cutler Jewish Day School

Haley Whitelaw--Rice Creek Elementary School

Jerryana Williams--Homeschool

Maxwell Williams--E.L. Wright Middle School

Jayden Wilson--Cutler Jewish Day School

Abigail Wright--Rice Creek Elementary School

Baylis Wright--Hand Middle School

Copies of Kids in Print 2016 will be available for checkout after the party. Additional copies can be purchased for $5.00 (cash or check only) in the Children's Room at Richland Library Main.

Richland Library will call for submissions for Kids in Print 2017 in the fall.