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Couture Crafts: Fall Napkin Rings

Image of Napkin Rings

Set your dining table in style this fall by creating custom napkin rings made from recycled paper towel rolls. Follow the steps below to make this craft at home, or join us at the Main Library on Tuesday, October 7th at 6:30pm for in-person instruction.

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· Decorative Paper

· Recycled cardboard paper towel rolls

· Modge Podge

· Paint Brush

· Scissors

· Ruler

· Optional: Decorative embellishments (leaves, berries etc.)

Measure the decorative paper by wrapping it around the cardboard roll. Allow for an extra 1/4 inch of paper so that the edges overlap one another. Using a ruler, draw a straight line and then cut away the excess paper.

Using a paint brush, apply a sealant glue such as Mod Podge, over the entire cardboard roll. Attach the paper to the cardboard roll and smooth out any wrinkles.

Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the outside of the paper to seal it on and create a finished look.

After allowing the Mod Podge to dry (approximately 20 minutes) measure and mark the width of the napkin rings using a ruler (Sample shown is 1.5 inches wide). Next, press the roll flat enough to get the scissors around it and cut the rings out of the tube.

After cutting, gently press the rings back out into circles and add additional embellishments as desired.