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Resident Marius Valdes (Resident 2016) speaks to customers in his Studio at Main

Artist-in-Residence Applications are OPEN!

If you haven't noticed, Richland Library loves the Arts! Between providing Studio spaces for customers, planning musical, arty, tech-y, and STEAM-y programs and events and displaying local art in our locations as much as humanly possible, we hope to spark a little something in everyone's creative soul.

We also support local artists! Our Artist Residency Program is in its 3rd year, and we are thrilled to announce that June 1st, we will begin taking applications for the Fall, Spring and Summer 2019 residency positions. If you are, or someone you know is, an artist, please consider Richland Library for a unique opportunity. We're looking for artists from any and all types of media: traditional/fine art, performance, installation, sculpture, filmmaking, musical, mixed media, doesn't matter. We just want someone who is interested in making a difference in his/her community through teaching and sharing their craft with our residents. 

Our previous residents have done so much for our community so far. 

"My experience as a an artist-in-residence was making great work in a great studio supported by great people for a great community." - Marius Valdes

"I felt my residency at Richland Library would be a great way to give back to the community, not knowing how continuously rewarding it would be for me as well." - Wendell Culbreath

"Being the artist-in-residence has been full of inspiration; the people I’ve met, the staff and being surrounded by knowledge in so many forms!" - Maria Fabrizio

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