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Five Public Housing Waiting Lists To Open in August 2017

On Wednesday, August 16, 2017, the Columbia Housing Authority will open all of their public housing waiting lists! The CHA is not opening the waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher or the Section 8 program at this time.

As usual, the application process will be strictly online. Applications will be accepted on Wednesday, August the 16th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please remember, there is no application fee to apply for housing with the Columbia Housing Authority. All applications are accepted at their website and only by using their website:

After the first opening on the 16th of August, the Columbia Housing Authority will start accepting applications on the first business day of every month. Those dates in 2017 are Friday, September 1; Monday, October 2; Wednesday, November 1; and Friday, December 1.

As you may know, in times past the Columbia Housing Authority has not opened their waiting list often. This new schedule will hopefully allow the community to feel better informed about the process and their place on the waiting list. Opportunities for the Public Housing Waiting List include:

  1. Senior Housing - based on age
  2. Standard Housing - open to anyone
  3. Select Housing - open to those who have been employed for at least a year and are working 30 or more hours each week.
  4. Eastover Housing - open to anyone wanting to live in Eastover, SC
  5. Cayce Housing - open to anyone wanting to live in Cayce, SC

For more information, you can contact the Columbia Housing Authority at 803-254-3886 and dial extension 360 for a recording with more details. Richland Library will continue to be a place with free access to computers and the internet and social workers to help applicants apply. While there are no other details at this time, you can continue to check back at or contact you can contact Lee Patterson, Library Social Worker, at 231-6383 or via email for more details as they are supplied.