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Looking for Seasonal Employment

Every year about this time, many retail businesses and companies begin seasonal hiring. This year is no different. Holiday hiring begins in late September and early October and accelerates in November and slowly decreases in December.

According to the National Retail Federation, “retail sales (excluding automobiles, gasoline and restaurants) will increase between 3.6 % and 4 % this year.” That increase equals to approximately $680 billion spent on retail sales up from $655 billion from last year. This means companies and business will need more help ensuring that customers get their packages and goods on time.

The ultimate question is, what businesses and companies are hiring nationally?

  • Target plans to hire approximately 100,000 seasonal employees this year. Target also plans a Hiring Fair beginning Friday, October 13 – Sunday, October 15. Locations here in Columbia will be participating.
  • JC Penney plans to hire more than 40,000 seasonal employees this year.JC Penney is planning an In-Store Hiring Fair on Tuesday, October 17. Locations here in Columbia will be participating.
  • Macy’s plans to hire approximately 80,000 seasonal employees this year.
  • UPS plans to hire approximately 95,000 seasonal employees this year.
  • Fedex plans to hire approximately 50,000 seasonal employees this year.
  • Michaels plans to hire approximately 15,000 seasonal employees this year.
  • Toys R Us plans to hire approximately 12,500 seasonal employees this year.
  • Amazon plans to hire approximmately 120,000 seasonal employees this year, including 3,000 jobs at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in West Columbia.
  • Why are we not seeing big retailers like Walmart on the list? Walmart, Gap Inc. and Kohl’s have kept their seasonal hiring numbers a secret this year. Several reports state that Walmart and several other companies are giving more hours to their current employees instead of hiring seasonal workers. But try not to be discouraged because I have seen a few Walmart stores in Columbia have a “Now Hiring” sign outside of their store. Also, a Hiring Manager at Kohl’s here in Columbia told me that they are hiring seasonal employees.

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