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Personal Branding For Job Seekers

Personal Branding has become very popular among job seekers and professionals in the past several years. In its simplest form, branding is how you present your unique and beneficial skills, experiences and knowledge. Whether you are looking for a job or attempting to get promoted in your current job, personal branding can help you stand out in a crowded job market. Personal branding allows you to control how you are perceived by others and enables you to make the most positive first impression. As more and more employers are relying on social networking tools to screen and recruit potential job candidates, it is vital that job seekers present a strong online brand. There are some specific things that job seekers can do to build their online presence.

Google Yourself

Before you promote your brand online, take time to look at your current online reputation. Search your name on Google and see what comes up. Is the information professional or is it embarrassing? You can even set up a Google Alert, which will notify you whenever you appear in a new search result on Google. This is a great way to track the information available about you on Google. If there is information about you that you don't want to remain public, but is not under your control, you will need to contact the website about removing the information. If the information is copyrighted, such as a picture of you, you can reference the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This act says, "Upon receiving proper notification of claimed infringement, the provider must expeditiously take down or block access to the material." Section 512(c) of DMCA. If that doesn't work you may have to contact a lawyer.

Email Address

Does your email reflect a professional image? You should use a simple combination of your first and last name or a combination of your name and profession. (

Social Media Sites

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup, Pinterest and YouTube are great ways to share your brand with a large number of people. Use the same professional photo on all of your social networking sites so you will be easily identifiable. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site with over 175 million members. Customizing your profile, your profile picture, your LinkedIn URL and your headline can attract the attention of employers in your field.

Building Your Online Reputation

Join relevant LinkedIn Groups and those where hiring decision makers at your target companies are active. Look at their profiles to find out which Groups they belong to. Demonstrate your knowledge of the subject matter by starting discussions and contributing to existing ones.