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eMagazines by Flipster

eMagazines are electronic subscriptions to current popular and specialty titles that can be read or downloaded through our eMagazine partner, Flipster. Richland Library offers dozens of eMagazines free. eMagazines are available on your desktop or laptop computer for online reading or can be downloaded onto a tablet with the IOS, Android or Kindle apps.

Read as many eMagazines as you like, anywhere, any time. There is no due date for online reading, no overdue notices or late fees. Titles can be downloaded for offline reading via apps for iPad, Android or Kindle Fire. Click here for more newspapers and magazines at the library.


  • Visit the Flipster eMagazine collection to choose magazines.
    • If you are not at one of our library locations you will need to sign in with your library card number and PIN.
  • Choose from dozens of popular and specialty magazine titles.


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Things to Keep in Mind

  • If you have problems, concerns, or questions ask us - we are here to help. The News and Magazine Specialists are located on the second floor at Richland Library, Main, and can be reached by phone at 803.929.3405.
  • when reading offline, some titles will expire and will need to be deleted from your device. Select weekly titles may expire in 2 days while select monthly or seasonal titles may expire in 7 days. Expired titles may be downloaded again as needed.
A Sampling of Popular Titles A Sampling of Children's Titles  
  • Cooking Light
  • Ebony
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Essence
  • Golf Magazine
  • People
  • Real Simple
  • Shop Smart
  • Ask
  • Babybug
  • Boys' Life
  • Cicada
  • Click
  • Cobblestone
  • Cricket
  • Dig into History
  • Discovery Girls
  • Ladybug
  • Muse
  • New Moon Girls
  • Ranger Rick, Jr.
  • Scouting
  • Spider
  • Sports Illustrated Kids
  • Zoobies
  • Zoobooks
  • Zootles


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