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Nirvana and your library

Growing up as a teenager in a small suburban town near Charlotte, there certainly wasnt a lot to do. One thing we did have, however, was cable tv and with that came MTV. As I look back on that time of my life, I can certainly say that music was a huge part of it. I think the band that wielded the biggest influence on me was a grunge band from Seattle named Nirvana. At the time, they had a revolutionary sound matched up with epic music videos. I don’t believe that anyone who has seen their music videos can forget the woman in body organ suit in “Heart-Shaped Box” or the video for “In Bloom” which featured a spoof of them playing on a 1960’s variety show such as Ed Sullivan’s show. The band’s members, even after it’s demise following the tragic suicide of lead vocalist Kurt Cobain in 1994, continues to influence the music world. Drummer Dave Grohl and guitarist Pat Smear went on to found another seminal 90’s band in the form of the Foo Fighters while bassist Krist Novoselic went on to play in several other bands and actually published a book in 2004. Nirvana was the sound that influenced an entire generation of rock musicians.

Here at the Richland Library, we know you love music. We do too. That’s why we have such an incredible collection of music across all genres. Whether you want to go full on grunge and check out the iconic Nirvana album, Nevermind, or mellow out with some tunes by iconic crooner Tony Bennett, we have you covered. Be sure to come in sometime to one of our 10 locations and let us help you find a band that could be as important to you as Nirvana was to me.