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Teen Center Survey Results

The Richland Library Teen Center is holding a number of surveys for teens to vote. Participants can check off their choice in a number of either-or elections. Our first set of choices is listed below, with results. Check us out this week for new choices and make your mark!

Also, if you are of voting age and would like to know where to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., visit Vote.org.

If you would like to know what candidates and issues will be on your ballot, visit BallotReady.org.

Information about voting rules and procedures in South Carolina can be found here.

Pizza: 29

Hamburger: 16

Ice Cream: 30

Cake: 15

Snapchat: 26

Instagram: 19

Stranger Things: 22

Riverdale: 15

Marvel: 27

DC: 14

Dogs: 29

Cats: 12

Most Votes: Ice Cream, Pizza, Dogs

Fewest Votes: Cats, DC