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Appropriate for adults and seniors.

Covers how major mathematical concepts were first derived, as well as how they evolved with the advent of later thinkers shedding new light on various applications.
Discusses the most influential political and social movements and their roles in the history of modern world politics, including liberalism, conservatism, fascism, and religious fundamentalism.
Examines the behavior of subatomic particles, providing crucial information on the structure and nature of atomic nuclei, which in turn reveal much about energy, matter, and often the origins of the universe.
Examines the profound place that relativity and quantum mechanics occupy in subverting longstanding notions about space, time, and matter.
Explores the science behind acoustics and optics and the broad application they have to everything from listening to music and watching television to ultrasonic and laser technologies that are crucial to the medical field....
Introduces the historical and mathematical basis of statistics and probability as well as their application to everyday situations.
Examines the structure of the atom as well as the ways in which its electrons, protons, and neutrons facilitate both radioactivity and nuclear reactions, both of which have been crucial to technological advancements since the...
Once an alternate theory was proposed, the original notion was challenged and, eventually, disproved. This book features theories and ideas that were potent agents of change.
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Blind Date with a Book 2013

Written by Chantal W. on
During the months of August and September, Richland Library Main would like to “fix you up” on a blind date! No, we're not introducing a new dating service at the library, but we are encouraging you to enjoy a blind date with a book. We have selected a variety of books and wrapped them up in “...
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Banned (Comic) Books Week

Persepolis book one
Written by ThomasM on
Richland Library aims for greatness, and as Jo Goodwin said, “A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.” The big idea is not to shock and desensitize the public,...


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